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Measuring Behavior

Frequency, duration, sequences… behavioral measures may not always fit the assumptions of standard textbook tests. Receive a customized analytic approach based on the statistical properties of your outcome.

Design of Experiments

Test hypotheses effectively in the presence of confounding factors. Determine the appropriate sample size and randomization scheme to make efficient and informative use of your data.

Multi-level Models

Often, several observations are taken on a single subject, who may in turn belong to a group of related individuals. Learn how to make accurate population-level inferences that incorporate nested responses.

Social Network Analysis

Utilize the latest research in this burgeoning field to describe, quantify, and visualize the relationships among individuals in social groups.

Fill the gap between your research and your results.



Navigate the statistical territory within your research.

While scientific research is often insightful and rewarding, the quantitative aspects can become challenging, and qualified expertise may be hard to come by. As a statistician, I would be glad to help you develop a valid, informative analysis to address your research questions.

I possess more than 4 years of combined experience in biostatistical and behavioral research, which include cognitive studies of capuchin monkeys at Yale, behavioral research on macaques at Cayo Santiago, and neuroethological experiments with goldfish at the City University of New York. With degrees in both Statistics and Psychology, I offer a perspective that will help you bridge the gap between research and results.

  • Sampling Methods
  • Power and Sample Size Analysis
  • Methods and Results Write-up

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